A fun way to disgoover new places

We offer people frustrated when searching for new places a modernized App that will allow you to enjoy the search process.


Beta Requirements

Disgoover is still in the early phases of its development, therefore, it's not released to the public yet. Thought closed betas are available for those who request it as long as they meet the following parameters:

  • Own an iPhone.

  • Live in New York City.

  • Are willing to give feedback regularly.

Note that you might not be able to access the closed beta even if you meet the criteria previously mentioned; this might be because all of the available betas are already taken.

How to download the App

Since Disgoover is not released to the public yet, we use TestFlight to upload the app instead of the AppStore.

The steps to download an app in TestFlight are different from how we normally install them in the App Store, yet it is equally easy.

Install TestFlight 

You can download TestFlight from the App Store.

Testflight is an app that allows users to test other mobile Apps while sending reports such as bugs or feedbacks. It is completely free and owned by Apple.

Check your email

Open the invitation email that we sent you and click on the link specified, it will redirect you to TestFlight.

Start Testing

Inside TestFlight click "Tap View" or "Start Testing"

Closed beta access

Birthdate (Required)

How often do you participate in out-of-home leisure activities?
With how many people do you usually hang out?

Once we accept you, you will receive an email with instructions detailing how to download the app.

Note that currently the number of users with access to the closed beta is limited, so we might not be able to accept you for the closed beta, if this is the case we will also send you an email informing you of this.

We require this information in order to understand you, so we can make an App that provides you with the most value.